2022 - 2023

Falling from Heights

The project aims to design and develop novel strategies and solutions aimed at preventing accidents and protecting workers working at heights. The project will focus on advancements in wearable sensing & actuation technologies, including technologies for fall impact reduction, intelligent monitoring and new paradigms in immersive training for workers.

Sponsor: Italian Workers’ compensation Authority (INAIL), project: EPTR0007


Digital Value Chain (DVC): Research and application of machine learning solutions for the digitization of retail spaces


SEAL: Smart&safe Energy-aware Assisted Living, The Learning Meters Network

The SEAL project aims to develop new knowledge, products and services to put domotic systems on the market that implement services aimed at safety and sustainability. SEAL is related to the Smart Cities initiative, which involves the integration of units that each operate intelligently.

Executive project: SCN_00398, social innovation projects: SIN_00968

2020 - 2021

Agrobot: autonomous robots to support economic growth and environmental sustainability of Umbria’s agriculture

The AGROBOT project aims to realize and validate an autonomous robot to support innovative agricultural approaches on fields located in hilly areas belonging to small farms. It is based on state-of-the-art methods for perception, control and navigation.

Project funded by Umbria Region PSR program 2014-2020.